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Cincinnati H.O.G.® Road Captain & Group Riding

Prepare a map of the route along with all stops.
Prepare an ICE (In case of Emergency) Contact list and distribute to riders.
Plan the most direct route (if you’re not out for a scenic trip).
On the interstate, travel in the middle lane.
Avoid gravel and left hand turns if possible.
Plan gas stops every 90 miles, so folks with smaller tanks can fill up.
With a large group, phone ahead to restaurants and venues you plan to frequent.

Hold a pre-ride briefing discussing stagger, lane changes, hand signals, route and stops.
Keep in mind that folks at the back of the pack will have to go faster than those in the front.
Observe posted speed limits; going too slow may make motorists impatient.
Know the route well and give plenty of hand signals for hazards and turns.
If the group gets separated, pull over in a safe place to allow the group to reform.

Participate in the pre-ride briefing.
Ride in staggered formation.
Keep your bike in good working condition.
Come with a full tank and an empty bladder.
Dress appropriately and carry water.
Familiarize yourself with the route.
Ride sober.